Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Why Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your business is a big decision. Your domain name is the online identity for your business or brand, and if you get it right it can make your online success a whole lot easier. Choose the wrong domain and it can have the complete opposite affect.

So, would you like to know what factors are the most important when choosing the perfect domain name? Then keep reading and we’ll make sure that question is completely answered.

These are the top 6 important factors to consider when choosing the perfect domain name in 2020.

1. Dot com (.com) Is The Best Extension

When choosing your domain extension for your awesome website you’re going to have a lot of different options available. There are many other TLDs that may sound innovative or creative. But don’t be tempted. If possible it’s always a good idea to get the .com first.

The .com TLD is still by far the most commonly used and recognized TLD in the world. I still accidentally type .com even when someone tells me their domain is or .org. It’s our brain’s natural reflex after being trained to type .com since the internet made it’s way into our homes, offices and pockets.

So, no matter how inexpensive the other extensions may be, or how cool they may sound, just do yourself a favor and get a .com first.

2. Grab other extensions if you can

When you do register your new .com domain name, grab other TLD variations like .net and .biz if you can. Then you can redirect them to your .com website. This way, when visitors type in the wrong domain they will still get to your website. You may even pick up some visitors who are looking for a different site. Winner winner!

As the internet grows good domain names are becoming more and more difficult to acquire. So another reason to grab the other TLDs is because it will help you lock out your competition from acquiring the other TLDs that include your great domain name. It’s just business.

3. Shorter names are better

Make your domain as short as possible to make it easier to remember and quicker to type, say and share. This will also make your brand more memorable. Even if your business name is longer, consider shortening or combining the words to create a shorter memorable domain name for your business or brand. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Try not to use weird abbreviation

If you think people might have trouble remembering long URLs, they’ll definitely have a hard time trying to remember your cutesy wootsy, weirdly abbreviated domain name!  Look for other domain names that convey your company’s brand messaging without falling into the negatively impacting trickery of words. Not to mention, it just looks unprofessional.

5. Look at it through other eyes

Visitors generally don’t remember the hyphens, so using hyphens or dashes is never a good idea. So if you are using a combination of words then make sure you check it out thoroughly before you purchase it. Here’s what we mean:

  • IT Scrap –
  • Speed of Art –
  • Pen Island –

It seems someone didn’t thoroughly review their domain choice before hitting “buy now”.

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6. Make it a memorable brand

When someone sees or hears your domain it should sound like a brand. Ala “Facebook” or “Google“. Your potential visitors should be able to guess what your website is going to be about before they even land on your homepage. But, instead of spelling out exactly what your business does instead try to give a good idea of what your business is or does. The less confused a potential visitor is, the better.

Making your website domain name stick in your visitor’s heads is super key! Your domain will be displayed in many places, but if someone saw it in passing would they be able to remember it later? The longer and more complicated the domain, the harder it will be later to remember it. So make it unique, catchy, and certainly memorable!

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