Chronicles Of Ren – 2015 Jeep Renegade

Nate's Renegade

So, on June 11, 2015, at age 37, I bought my first brand new vehicle. It’s a 2015 Jeep Renegade. This is the first year this vehicle was made, so I guess I’m a beta tester.

UPDATE 07/22/15: So, after several week, I have finally received an answer from the dealer on what will happen. Chrysler will be accepting the fault and buying the vehicle back at full price and the dealer will set me up with another new vehicle of my choice. The General Manager told me that the whole process will now take another few weeks to get sorted out and the paperwork to get filed. I’m just happy I will be getting a new Jeep with NO PARTS MISSING! More to come…

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UPDATE 07/15/15: I spoke with a service representative a couplde days ago and asked what the findings were. He told me that the manufacturer never installed an AC Drainage Tube. After hearing this I immediately drove to the dealer and asked to speak with the General Manager. I told him my concerns, including the fact that I bought a new car from him and it was missing a part which caused it to get water damage. I also told him that I think it is only fair to put me in a new vehicle that has all the parts and isn’t damaged before I drive it off the lot. He completely understood and assured me he would be in touch with the manufacturer to make things right. Now I’m waiting to hear back from him. More to come…

UPDATE 07/07/15: Yesterday I dropped off Ren to the dealer. A few days prior I had a friend look at the problem and he said it was the air conditioner leaking moisture into the car, so I told this to the dealer and they thanked me for the information. When I had initially told them about the issue they were not going to provide me with a loaner vehicle. So when I arrived, I asked to speak with a manger and told him that this is a serious defect on my brand new vehicle that they sold me. I told him I need a loaner and he obliged. Update to follow.

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UPDATE 06/28/15: I have discovered a water leak issue. Basically, there is a puddle that accumulates behind the passenger seat on the carpet. I have used a power vac to suck it up a few times now and the puddle returns after a couple of days. While vacuuming I also noticed a small streak of moisture that runs down the passenger front carpet. My guess is that the leak is coming from somewhere under the hood and the water is making it’s way from the front of the car to that back seat carpet. I will be setting up an appointment to have it looked at by the dealer. Update to follow.

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